Bracket Maker App Reviews

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Only up to 16 players....

Not enough options.


This app is very useful, helps a lot if you organize tournaments


This app is so money! Put all my favorite maroon 5 songs in a bracket and emailed them all to my friends to fill out. This app is tremendous!

Good, buy

It is a good app but i would like to see a two sided bracket. Cause i just WASTED .99 cents on another bracket app thinking it was two sided but it wasnt, so now im screwed for my money because the cheap producers wont give me my money back. This is how cheap people like them trick people in to giving them money. Im very fed up with that. This is a good app, just please add another side.

Easy to use

Good App, does what it says. Am looking forward to future development and more options/customization.

Needs more options

It is simple and easy to use but you are limited to 8 or 16 team tournament only!

Best Bracket App In App Store

I have tried other bracket apps on the app store and they do not even compare! I been looking for an easy to use bracket app with at least 16 teams and the ability to email out those brackets for a while now and finally found it here. I love that this app can create brackets with 1 to 16 teams super fast. I have to say my fav feature by far is the ability to email out brackets to people who participate in the tournaments I run. 5 star app thanks again!!!

Good needs 32 teams

Its good next update 32 teams

Very Nice!!

This should be the best bracket app I can find on iphone so far.

Great App

Great app! Also very quick with any questions you have. Would recommend to anyone looking for a bracket app.

Great app

Couple of suggestions: allow user to edit the bracket after its started and allow user to post bracket to Facebook.

Cant Edit Bracket After You Make It

Made a 16 person bracket, hit save and then advanced a team by accident and couldnt undo it or change my teams and had to start over. Very frustrating.

You rock

It was good


Dont buy this app it the biggest waste of existence ever

Best I could find

I tried a few other bracket apps on the store and this is way better than the one on the store. Great look and easy to use and when I am done I can email the other players the results not much more I could ask for thanks,


I hate it I want my money back stupid purchase

Cool Bracket Maker

The Bracket maker is a fun and exciting bracket game. Really only 1 flaw. If you click on single it still does double, messes up with a lot of winners, and crashes.


8 or 16... Thats all you can give us?

Perfect to track tourneys

Ive tried a few apps for brackets, both free and paid, and this one is well worth the buck. Its easy to use and has a good layout.


This app is great. Its simple and easy to use and is a really organized way to record my brackets!

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